Are you looking for a midwifery practice in Haarlem? We offer you all the care you need at one location! You’re more then welcome with us!

Being pregnant, giving birth, becoming parents: it’s a wonderful and unique experience. Luckily, most of the times we speak of a natural process, wherefore medical interventions are mostly not necessary. Though, the process and the experience of parents is different every single time. And it will be tensive. That’s why you’re always welcome with your ideas, questions and uncertainties.

We believe that a good connection based on trust with your midwives will contribute to good medical outcomes, but it will also contribute into a good experience for you. That’s the reason why we work with a small team of midwives, so we can offer personal care based on your wishes. That’s how we can provide the best start for you as a family.

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At our practice you receive the basic midwifery care, ultrasounds (at the practice!), free preconception consultations, contraception care and breastfeeding consultations. Mama&Baby Haarlem also offers pelvic physiotherapy, consultations around baby-wrapping/-carrying, baby- and pregnancy massages. It’s also possible to follow a birth-or hypnobirthing course.

Our clinic times are flexible. You’re also welcome in the evening if that fits better for you.
Every Monday evening between 18.00-18.30 O’clock we offer a heartbeat clinic. From upon 12 weeks pregnancy you can come to the practice to listen to the baby’s heartbeat if you want.

Our midwifery practice is located in Haarlem-Noord. Do you live in Haarlem, Spaarndam, Bloemendaal, Driehuis, Santpoort-Noord, Santpoort-Zuid, Velserbroek of IJmuiden? You are very welcome at Luna Midwives!

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