What if it

A miscarriage comes in most cases unexpected. Unfortunately 1 of the 10 pregnancies goes wrong. A not viable baby stopped growing and is repelled.  

Process of a miscarriage

In most cases a miscarriage starts with bloodloss. Often this will be in combination with cramps that feel like a menstruation. It depends what the stage of the pregnancy is if you will lose a amniotic sac or embryo, sometimes you will only lose blood clots. The bloodloss will get less within a week. 

Sometimes you hear during a ultrasound that the heart stopped beating. We call this a missed abortion. Your body doesn’t realize that the heartbeat has stopped. Most times you will still feel pregnant. Together we discuss what you want: do you want to use medicines to trigger the miscarriage or do you want to wait to see of your body wil repel the pregnancy itself.

When contact us?

Call us directly:

  • If the bloodloss is severe and you cannot catch this with a maternity pad, when you feel dizzy or feel like passing out.
  • When the cramps are to heavy and continuously.
  • If you get fever (a temperature above 38 degrees).

After the miscarriage your body recovers often quickly. Your cycle will restart. You can get pregnant directly. It’s no problem if you get pregnant directly after a miscarriage: this won’t give a higher change of a miscarriage. 

Emotionally a miscarriage can be hard. Your vision of the future ends abruptly. Sometimes you need a little more time to process the miscarriage. If you don’t want to get pregnant right away: then take your time! We are also there for you with emotional support. You can always call us, also when the miscarriage is already a while ago!