Being pregnant, giving birth and feeding your baby : we regard it all as natural processes. In most situations, medical interventions are not required. Your body is made tot carry and bear a child. We want to provide the best start for you and your family: that’s why you’re always welcome with your ideas, insecurities and questions.

We believe that a strong connection based on trust with your midwives will contribute to good medical outcomes, but it will also contribute into a nice experience for you. That’s the reason why we work with a small team of midwives: we’ll have the time to know each other and we can build a good relationship together.

It will be your process: that’s why your wishes will be important for us. For as long as we can provide you safe care of course. Because we will have a common goal: a healthy mother and healthy baby.

We think it’s very important to offer you a high quality of midwifery care. We regularly follow training courses to keep our knowledge up to date.
We are all registered midwives in the quality register of the KNOV, the Royal Dutch association of midwives.

We are also registered midwives in the dutch BIG-registration:
Janneke Mathijssen: 19921450803
Anika Mesman: 89928510603
Emily Tros: 99928681503