After the pregnancy it’s wise to think about contraception. There is a possibility that you will be fertile soon already after you gave birth. It’s important to let your body recover first, before you get pregnant again. 

Each body is different, also hormonally. This will influence your menstrual cycle, but also your regular wellbeing. And you have your wishes: are you breastfeeding, is your family completed or will you have a wish for a pregnancy within a certain period? It’s important to find a good and fitting form of contraception. Every situation is different and asks for a personal approach.

During the pregnancy and postpartum period we will talk about contraception with you. Maybe you already have some ideas about this. We will give you tips and advices. That’s how you pick the contraception that fits you best. If you want we can prescribe the contraceptive pill or a IUD (intra-uterine device).

Marjon is trained to place IUDs and meanwhile she has more than 5 years of experience. She can check if the IUD is on the right place with the ultrasound directly. Of course we can remove the IUD as well, when you need to replace the IUD (after 5 or 10 years) or want to get pregnant. You can be fertile directly after removing the IUD.

Everyone is welcome at the contraception clinic hours for counseling and for placing IUDs: also when you never got pregnant before or when you weren’t a patiënt with us. 


The costs of contraception are depending on the form you will choose and on your health insurance. Placing a IUD is generally reimbursed by the insurance.