In the Netherlands, we offer 2 standard ultrasounds during the pregnancy: a due date scan and the anamoly scan. It’s possible that there will be a medical indication to make more ultrasounds, like a growth ultrasound or position ultrasound. The midwife will discuss this with you.
At Luna we make the ultrasounds, just at the practice!

Viability scan

This viability scan can be done around week 7-8 of the pregnancy. We will check if there’s a heartbeat and if the baby is implanted on the right place (to exclude ectopic pregancies). We will also check if your pregnant with multiples. This ultrasound will only be covered by the insurance when there’s a medical indication. Without a medical indication it’s also possible to have this ultrasound. The costs are 30 euros. 

Due date scan

Around week 10-12 week of the pregnancy we’ll provide you from a medical scan to set the definitive due date. We’ll meassure the baby, because the size of the baby by this term will determine the most correct due date.

Gender determination scan (pretecho)

If you want to know if you’re expecteting a boy or girl, then you’re most welcome to do a gender determination scan. We can do this scan from upon 15 weeks. This is an ultrasound without a medical indication, the costs are 45 euro.

Anomaly scan

The anomaly scan is done around 20 weeks. It’s a screening to detect physical abnormalities in an early stage. They will also measure the baby, amniotic fluid and look at the placenta and umbilical cord. If you want they can see if you are expecting a boy or a girl.

Growth ultrasounds

Sometimes there’s already an indication to make growth ultrasounds during the pregnancy. We will plan these around 28 and 32 weeks. Sometimes the midwife indicates during the externally examination to do a growth ultrasound. These ultrasounds will be covered on medical indications by your Dutch insurance company.

Position scan

When the baby is laying in a breech position, or the midwife has a little hesitation about the baby’s position, then we make an ultrasound to locate the position of the head. Normally we do this ultrasound around 35-36 weeks gestation.