Lactation consultancy

Breastfeeding is a lovely and natural proces. It has many benefits, but it does not always directly run smoothly. Sometimes it might be necessary to contact a lactation consultant.

Janneke graduated as a lactation consultant in 2018. She is also IBCLC certified (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant). This means she passed the international exam for lactation consultancy. She needs to retake this exam every 5 years to keep up the quality of care.

A lactation consultant IBCLC can advise you about:

  • Preparing on breastfeeding during the pregnancy
  • Feeding your premature child
  • Problems by latching on
  • Pain or discomfort during feeding 
  • Reflux complaints
  • When the baby refuses the breast- or bottle
  • Breastfeeding and medication use
  • Breast pumping
  • Weaning your baby
  • A short frenulum and possibly splitting the frenulum

The extra knowledge and experience of a lactation consultant can resolve feeding issues and take away insecurities, so you and your baby can fully enjoy all the benefits of breastfeeding!


Contact the practice for an appointment and possibilities of a lactation consult. Janneke will contact you within 24 hours. Together you will look at the care demand and when needed she will come by for a home visit. 

When Janneke is not available we will refer you to the fantastic colleagues in the area!  


A lactation consult in form of a home visit will cost 90 euros. The situation and problems will be discussed, followed by examination and observations of the feeding process. From here conclusions and advises will follow. You always get a comprehensive report and an appointment by phone a few days later.
Sometimes a house visit is not even necessary: an appointment by phone will do. The costs are 25 euros.
Lactation consultancy is unfortunately not reimbursed by the basic insurance. When you have an additional insurance, check your policy for the restitution of costs. 

Together with colleague-lactation consultants from the area of Haarlem we organize the mama-cafe at Brownies&Downies in Haarlem. You’re very welcome to come in for a cup of coffee and to meet other moms and their little ones!  There will always be at least one lactation consultant, she can answer your questions.