Marjon Koster-Zeestraten

Midwife, sonograper and specialist in external versions

My name is Marjon Koster-Zeestraten. In 2004 I graduated from the midwifery academy in Rotterdam. After my graduation I started working in a midwifery practice in Zoetermeer. I owned the practice together with my colleagues for 9 years with great pleasure. In 2013 there was a spot in Haarlem-Noord, a new challenge for me.

After my midwifery studies I was trained to do external versions. With an external version I try to turn the baby form a breech position to a normal position. We provide external versions with 5 colleagues in ultrasound centre the Schoot. Since 2008 I’m a sonographer, and since 2012 I’m also allowed to make the anomaly scan around week 20 of the pregnancy.

I work conscious, together with Janneke, in a small practice. Giving enough time and attention to you is very important to us. Together we prepare you for this special moment!

I’m mother of 3 kids: Noud, Teun and Fien.

Janneke Mathijssen

Verloskundige en lactatiekundige IBCLC

My name is Janneke Mathijssen. When I was a child I already knew that I wanted to be a midwife. I gratuated at the academy for midwifery in Maastricht in 2016. I came to Haarlem-Noord to cover for Marjon her maternity leave. I decided to stay in the practice, and from the collaboration with Marjon our new practice Luna was born.

It is very special to support you from the early beginning of a pregnancy. The best thing for me about being a midwife is to deliver your baby. It’s an honor, every time I can be there. It’s wonderful to not only see a baby being born, but also to support the birth of new parents! I’m very happy to work in our own practice, with the best team and with the same vision on midwifery care.

I have also been trained and certified as a breastfeeding consultant IBCLC. I can offer you extra care regarding feeding your baby. Together with the breastfeeding consultants in Haarlem, we organize a mom-café at Brownies and Downies every three weeks.

Janneke & her partner Jasper are expecting their first baby this autumn. Janneke will be enjoying her maternity leave until February 2021.



Monique is our assistant. She is at the practice on Monday-, Tuesday- and Thursdaymornings from 07.30-13.30 O’clock. She can answer a lot of your questions and schedule your appointments. We are always available for information or questions: so when Monique isn’t working, your call will be forwarded to the midwife on call.

Replacing midwives

Moniek & Anika are covering for Janneke her maternity leave from October 2020 – February 2021. They are both known with the work method of Luna. We are very happy with their reinforcement.

Moniek Wilms Floet – midwife
Moniek will work at the practice in October & November. Afterwards she might cover incidental for us in December. Moniek is already working as a midwife in and around Haarlem for 28 years.

Anika Mesman – midwife
Anika will work Janneke her schedule from upon half November. Until that time she will cover some shifts for us already. She is a known face at the practice, so you might have met her already!


Student midwife

The future of midwives is very important, that’s why we sometimes offer placements for student midwives.
We are trained to supervise midwifery students from the Academies for Midwifery in Maastricht and Amsterdam/Groningen.

At this moment we don’t guide a student midwife.